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Waiting For The Storm 

Posted on October, 25 2018 in Reality

Waiting For The Storm 
Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

We don't get much rain or thunderstorms here in Egypt. They happen once or twice a year and some years pass without such storms ever coming our way. We're lucky, I know... But since we don't get them much, we're not used to them at all. Their effect on us can be way stronger than on Europeans or inhabitants of tropical regions who are used to such weather.

Thunderstorms always seem to take us by surprise, even if forecast weeks earlier. We never seem to be ready for them, as individuals or as a country. Our streets literally drown when rain is a bit heavy, electricity gets cut off, we even loose our communication services sometimes.

As for the people, many of us can't handle the absence of the sun and the gloomy weather, even for a couple of days. We get dysfunctional and depressed pretty fast. 

I'm one of those who get deeply affected by weather changes, both mentally and physically; my body seems to be very sensitive to temperature, pressure and light too. Its functions get in disarray once weather becomes different. But I'm also one of those people who loves going out in the rain and watching lightening by the sea.

Now there is a storm approaching our city. We don't know if it's going to be a big one or just drizzle and pass. But it's been gloomy with very high humidity for the past three days. Going outdoors for any activity is difficult because walking or swimming in such high humidity is very exhausting. Staying indoors without much to occupy me is driving me nuts, and things are starting to roll on the slope of depression. 

I'm fighting it with bead-work, with reading and with writing. I'm trying to keep positive and focus on the good things I do have. And I'm sharing this, though usually I don't like writing just about me. 

I just wanted to share how I feel right now, and say that I really want the storm to come already, no matter how strong it's going to be. Waiting for a storm always proves way more challenging than facing it.

By Rehab Nour

Freelance lifestyle writer, fashion designer and craft maker who is in deep love with all things mythical, folkloric and genuinely beautiful.