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Posted on November, 15 2018

The First Sports Hotel In My City: About potential & possibilities

About the opening of the 1st sports hotel in Hurghada......

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Posted on November, 11 2018

A Message From Middle Earth: On Reading Lord Of The Rings And Trying To Understand It

On trying to understand the messages behind the great Lord......

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Posted on November, 4 2018

The Great Escape: My published articles about leaving Cairo

So I've been back to lifestyle journalism lately. The main......

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Posted on November, 3 2018

Note To Self: keep Your Young Spirit

I'm writing this to tell myself and whoever reads that......

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Posted on October, 25 2018

Waiting For The Storm 

Thunderstorms always seem to take us by surprise, even if......

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Posted on October, 22 2018

On The Difficulty of Making Small Decisions

Lately, I realized it's pretty difficult for me to make......

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Posted on October, 16 2018

Being Alone In A New City: The good, The Bad, And The Scary!

We took a leap, packed our stuff and road-tripped to......

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