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The Great Escape: My published articles about leaving Cairo

Posted on November, 4 2018 in Reality, Published

So I've been back to lifestyle journalism lately. The main reason for this was my desire to encourage more people to leave Cairo, the capital city that most people think there is no life outside, despite the fact that it's one of the most polluted and depressing cities in the world.

I reached out to an old friend, the lovely Angie ElBatrawy, who connected me to the current managing editor of Cairo360, Mostafa Fathi. He was very supportive and encouraged me to get on with it and write all I have in mind about escaping Cairo, no matter how contradictory the concept was, since Cairo360 is an online publication focused mainly on reviewing spots in Cairo and providing guides to life in the city. I actually liked the contrast of writing about leaving Cairo in the middle of all those articles talking about the city itself.

The 1st article was about the options you have if you decide to leave Cairo and live somewhere by the sea. It talks about five different Egyptian coastal cities and what life is like in each of them based on my own, as well as my friends', personal experience. This article did pretty well, thankfully; it got quiet a good number of views, readings and likes. It was originally written in Arabic but got translated to English by the editorial staff to gain more readership.

Here I'm sharing with you an excerpt of the article, and for those who would like to read it in full, just click on this link.

" The beating heart of Egypt, Cairo is central to governmental services, business, and even entertainment; it’s nearly impossible to entirely quit this city. While living in a city where everything is accessible has numerous perks, it comes with a hefty price; the stress of having to deal with the chaotic combo of pollution, traffic, and heavy population.

Many pacify the stress with a getaway, but some find Cairo so overwhelming that such a brave decision as leaving for good becomes a necessity to keep their sanity."

By Rehab Nour

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