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Note To Self: keep Your Young Spirit

Posted on November, 3 2018 in Reality

Note To Self: keep Your Young Spirit
Me playing with turtles and laughing like a kid because they were tickling my hands!

This article is inspired by a recent similar article by my husband, Mohamed Said, and by the lovely ladies who live in my building.

It's easy to feel old really fast in our country, physically and emotionally. All our lives, most of us are subjected to pollution as well as lack of awareness of good nutrition systems and healthy habits. This affects our health and speeds aging at a scary rate. We're also always encouraged to 'grow Up' and act like adults from a very young age. That's in addition to the weird "my life is almost over" attitude spreading like fire among older generations, which actually started as early as their mid thirties! 

The case is worse when you live at a place like Cairo, where pollution affects your health so badly you start feeling symptoms of old age when you're still a teenager. But even if you move out and live somewhere cleaner and prettier, the shadows of the 'aging quickly' culture are still affecting you and you have to fight them often to keep a young spirit and positive attitude.

Living here in Hurghada, I had the chance to to meet many foreigners of older generations and I discovered that their way of dealing with getting old is very different. I noticed it even closer after meeting the three British ladies who live in my building; they are always chatty and smiley, they do lots of activities and sports. They move and plan and act as if they were much younger. They really care about enjoying life. Their attitude is quite different from the one I'm used to with my older relatives which basically says " I'm too old for this and I just want to live my days in the least challenging way possible".

I would hate ending up like that in a few years! 

So I'm writing this to tell myself and whoever reads that keeping a young spirit is worth the fight, no matter how hard it is to keep things looking up, or how easy it is to just feel old and give up.

Just push yourself to find things you enjoy and don't feel embarrassed to act young and silly sometimes, specially around those who are the closest to you. Eat some colorful candy, quickly lick ice cream while it's melting all over the place, play with a balloon till it pops! 

Just stay young... please.

By Rehab Nour

Freelance lifestyle writer, fashion designer and craft maker who is in deep love with all things mythical, folkloric and genuinely beautiful.