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The First Sports Hotel In My City: About potential & possibilities

Posted on November, 15 2018 in Reality

The First Sports Hotel In My City:  About potential & possibilities

To be honest with you, I'm not much of a sports person, I don't cycle and I don't run much. If I'm going to do any physical exercise at all, I will choose slow paced and relaxing ones like walking, slow swimming, and Pilates, my only form of regular workout.

Despite what I just said, I really understand the importance of sports and exercise. I know what regular exercise can do to your life; how it can transform your body and your health, as well as your mind, to great measures.  Even me with my slow, somehow lazy exercises, I have experienced amazing changes over the couple of years since I started regular workout.

So, when I found out that a sports  hotel and resort is opening in my city, Hurghada, it was really exciting news. Aqua Vista, the new concept hotel powered by Playitas, just officially opened yesterday, and I want to talk about what this could mean to us, to our city, and to the community.

I'm talking from a personal perspective here, since my husband got involved with this big sports movement by mere chance; thus he got to experience first hand what they are planning to do, and I got the chance to meet the people from Apollo Sports and Playitas resorts who were behind the project.

Well, I don't want to mention the fancy aspects regarding how luxurious and beautiful the resort is. You can see that through their promotional materials and social media. But I have to say that they are very well equipped to cater to most athletes and sports lovers needs, to a level rarely seen in Egypt. They have an Olympic swimming pool, a great cycling center, a running track, a high standard gym and many more things that serve anyone with sports interest, whether he's an athlete training for competitions, a regular person who loves being active, or someone who just wants to kick-start his trip to fitness in very encouraging settings.

Even for someone like me, who won't cycle or go Olympic swimming, they have these slow relaxing exercises as they provide Yoga and Pilates classes. So I believe spending time there will be much fun and different from a vacation in a traditional hotel. So for me, this hotel means a possible opportunity to improve my workouts, and just maybe try more intensive sports!

Now let me tell you a bit about how my husband met these people. You see, Mohamed loves cycling and he's been mountain biking and going on rounds in and around Sahl Hasheesh almost every day for the past few months. He lately started thinking about training for the upcoming Sahl Hasheesh Triathlon and was expanding his routes.  He created a Strava account to monitor his progress, and while checking cycling activities near us on the app he noticed an athlete cycling through a particularly difficult route with impressive speed. Mohamed simply left a comment telling him how great that was, and this comment lead to a lot more than we ever expected.

Adam was one of the first athletes chosen by Playitas to try their new resort in Egypt. They were testing things and gathering info, through Mohamed's comment, they got to know about him and his cycling activities. They were looking for someone to help organize the rides, a local cyclist who knew the roads and the native language, but such a person proved hard to find in Hurghada. This is where Mohamed came in. They contacted him and got to meet soon after. What's great about their deal is that it's mostly about mutual help, no finances or legalities included. They get to have him as a guide for their cycling tours and he gets to be trained for the Triathlon with their professional help.

So, for Mohamed this means much better training, more cycling companions making the thing safer, and hopefully a lot more friends.

Now for the community; if you've ever visited Hurghada, you may notice it's rather idle nature. The place is very pretty, but it has almost nothing but regular beach tourism. Most hotels offer the exact same activities and most people work the same servicing jobs; this has turned the city into nothing more than a short vacation spot and even a retirement place to many foreigners.

Hurghada has much more potential than that, it's very rich with possibilities waiting for someone to consider them. And Playitas people did just that; they realized the possibility of turning this place into a sports hub, which will do much to wake the city from its idleness. Having a sports haven in such a pretty spot can attract lots of people from all over the world, people who are younger and more active. As for Egyptians, it can provide an escape from the pollution and crowded streets of the big cities for those who want to practice sports, and it can give them much better training opportunities if the want to compete. It can also raise more awareness of different sports, and not just the famous football.

As I see it, Aqua Vista can be the start of something big and good, if they want it to be that way, and if they try to realize the true potential behind this concept. I personally wish this will happen, and having met the amazing people behind this project I dare to hope it might do.

By Rehab Nour

Freelance lifestyle writer, fashion designer and craft maker who is in deep love with all things mythical, folkloric and genuinely beautiful.