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Being Alone In A New City: The good, The Bad, And The Scary!

Posted on October, 16 2018 in Reality

Being Alone In A New City: The good, The Bad, And The Scary!

Almost two years ago, me and my husband left Cairo, The capital big city, where we lived all our lives, and moved to Hurghada, a much smaller coastal city by the red sea, and one of the furthest places from Cairo. A few months ago we settled in an even smaller and much newer city inside Hurghada, known as Sahl Hasheesh.

We left behind the big city with all its crowds, noise and pollution, searching for a better quality of life. But we also left behind everything we knew well, the family, the old friends and the feeling of home.

When we arrived we were truly alone here, we knew no one and almost nothing about the city other than what we learned from a few vacation visits and from social media.

We just took a leap, packed our stuff and road-tripped to our chosen new place. Our leap landed us in a good place, that’s true. But it’s never all good, and we’re not living in a paradise as some people think. There are so many aspects to this experience, some are really good, some are pretty bad and some are downright scary!

Let me just say that when my husband had an accident and we had to rush to the hospital, then know he needed surgery I was alone with him. I had to act fast and make decisions with no one to think with and no one to support us. There was no one you can comfortably lean on. No family to call and have them come to you in the mater of minutes or even an hour or two. We were blessed to have a great friend who came to help when there was no other way out, but calling her was a very difficult decision on its own!

That was an example of the scary part, but I’m not trying to say don’t do what we did, or that moving your life to a new place is somehow wrong. I just want to tell you to be prepared for all the aspects of it. I want you to know that brave decisions made to improve your life can land you in good places, but they also have their set of consequences.

Let me restart here and talk about the good things first…

Leaving the big crowded city was definitely good for us. Our life is now much calmer and cleaner. We don’t waste half our time and energy in traffic jams, crowded waiting lines and useless hassles with angry people. This time and energy are now directed towards our well being. We eat better, work out way more, and finally have what was previously a mere dream, leisure time!

Living close to the sea had an amazing effect on our mental health and happiness. There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than staring at the open sea and hearing nothing but the waves. When you can do that, the hardest of problems feel like they can be solved. The vastness of the sea somehow makes everything almost insignificant in comparison.

The weather is good most of the year, the air is pure, and nature is beautiful.

These things, for us, make all the difference! And if you ask me whether I will take the same decisions if time went back, I will definitely say YES! Regardless of the bad stuff that I must tell you about too…

We are now living in a small but pretty apartment with a lovely view. But to settle here we had to move between five different apartments in less than two years.

We packed and moved from one place to another every few months and had to endure all the hassle and effort of moving our lives and not feeling anchored or belonging to a home. We lived in apartments that were too small, badly maintained and inconvenient in several ways. But still we were much happier than in our own apartment back in the big city.

Our social life here is still very limited too.We don’t see our family much, we only get to meet every three months or so when we or they can travel.

Also, We only made a few friends over the period we spent here due to all the moving around and because we are picky people when it comes to friends. That’s in addition to the fact that making friends when you’re an adult isn’t that easy.

There are also some set backs such as the lack of some services and the lower quality of others since it’s a small city. You can’t find many great doctors here, or genius technicians to fix your electronics.

Besides, I can’t practice my shopping skills in the limited shops available here, and boy, do I miss practicing those skills!

In general, moving to a smaller, prettier place means you will have to live a simpler life, with all aspects of it, the good and the not-so-good.

There is a lot more to say about what’s good and what’s bad about our move, and maybe I’ll write about them in more detail later on. But I believe I covered the major ones here. Or at least I told you enough to decide if you’re ready for such a move.. and I do encourage you with all my heart to take the leap.. but just make sure you know what awaits you when you land.

Oh, and just in case you’re concerned, my husband is better now, thank God, the surgery went well and he is back with me to continue our little adventure.

By Rehab Nour

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