Rehab Nour's Journal

Writer, Fashion lover and Fairy Tale Believer.

About Me


I'm a writer and a maker. My love for all things mythical, folkloric and genuinely pretty has pushed me to pursue lifestyle and fiction writing as well as fashion design. For almost ten years I have been trying to balance both passions. 

I have worked as a lifestyle journalist as well as managing editor for some of the most successful publications in Egypt and the MENA region, with the occasional fictional story being written here and there. I have also worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty Of Mass communication - Cairo University for four years after graduating top of my class. 

As for fashion, I have my own little brand Hapi where I design, and mostly make myself, accessories and apparel inspired by folkloric heritage and handmade crafts. I have also worked as a freelance fashion designer for quite a few little brands like mine.

A couple of years ago I left my full time job and moved with my husband away from the capital big city to a prettier place by the sea trying to live a better, cleaner life. Since then I have been focusing on growing my making skills, connecting with my heritage and writing about my experience with all that.

I'm always looking for new exciting freelance projects and collaborations with passionate people. So if you want my help writing about something or designing another reach out to:  [email protected]